"Innovation isn't obligatory. Neither is survival."
Graham Horton
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We offer creative spaces for new ways of thinking, creative working and for breaking out of everyday life.

Creative room – Workshop room – Conference room

Congresslocation – Meetingroom – Eventspace

Creative Space – Meeting location – Co-Working Space

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- big auditorium
- 16 creatively-designed lofts
- up to about 100 people
- over 1.600 m²
- latest media technology
- presentation material
- Moderator/Coach/Facilitator
- individual catering
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- agile space for workshops
- up to about 20 Personen
- over 40 m²
- latest media technology
- Presentation material
- Moderator/ Coach/ Facilitator/
- individual catering
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- an open-plan office for 20 people
- four offices for 5-7 persons
- 663 m² total area
- common room with kitchen
- lift
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Our goal

Unfolding unknown potentials in inspiring spaces
for more innovation.

What customers say about us

"The sentence "Innovation is not a duty. But neither is survival." has moved us strongly and made us think differently."
Jürgen Voß, LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG
"The "Erlebniswelt", with its open and transparent architecture, has helped us to think differently about topics. For our future workshop the"Erlebniswelt" was a source of inspiration."
Uli Fessmann, FESSMANN GmbH und Co KG
"In terms of content, I have already picked up one or two ideas and found them very interesting. It is a real hit to arrange this meeting in a different way."
Stefan Siebert, Vorsitzender des Vorstands, LBS Südwest
"We love the area because of its flexible, open and bright design. In an agile context it is important to have a flexible space where you can explore new paths together."
Anke Heines, LEADaktiv
"It is always a pleasure to be a guest of the Fröscher family. They simply take very loving care of our well-being."
Anke Heines, LEADaktiv
"The Fröscher "Erlebniswelt" offers an ingenious platform to think visionary, to simply spin a little and to achieve new results."
Matthias Peter, Bezirksdirektor Mainz, LBS Südwest
"You discover new paths by walking them."
Angela Altenbeck, stv. Leiterin Abteilung Vertrieb, LBS Südwest
"The "Erlebniswelt" is ideal for a workshop concept with a large group. The separate bunks make it possible to work in small groups even in a concentrated way. Thus, the large group can work on parallel topics on one day and develop new concepts far away from their own company."
Brigitte Schinhammer-Bovigny, Personalreferentin, FESSMANN GmbH und Co KG
"The openness was particularly positive for me. You had the chance to think everything in all directions."
Christian Sehorsch, Regionaldirektor Nord-West, LBS Südwest
"I think it's great that here in the "Fröscher Erlebniswelt" we have the chance to talk to each other without hierarchy and thus to work out and present creative ideas together."
Torsten Unverzgt, Bezirksdirektor Kaiserslautern, LBS Südwest
"I am very positively surprised about the different nature of the cooperation. You can feel a real atmosphere of departure."
Frank Zisik, Bereichsleiter Marktservice Kredit, LBS Südwest
"Here we play table tennis, over there we play table soccer and in the front there are still colleagues sitting together and exchanging ideas. So I think that opens the mind. Simply - out of the box -."
Marc Hahl, Bezirksdirektor Rhein-Neckar-Nord, LBS Südwest

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